The name

Before we ever even heard of micro greens – when full sized, mature vegetables were all we knew Brock had this dream about having his own food truck. We still lived in Edmonton, grew our vegetables in raised wooden beds and all our tomatoes lived in Ikea bags. One evening we were talking about the food truck, again, and what to name it – that’s always the hardest part, right?!

The love for food, spending time selecting great quality produce and learning how to make it in to delicious meals have always been a passion of Brocks. So he wanted the name to reflect the quality of the food – he wanted to serve straightforward, wholehearted, real food.

— What about grub? I always told my friends, lets go for some grub.

We got quite excited. It was perfect. I immediately started sketching on a logo – it didn’t take me long to realize grub could be design to look like the same word upside down if you shortened the one leg of the u.

Fastforward some weeks and we were talking about how to incorporate our vegetables with the food truck – beside providing vegetables to the truck that was feeding people food on the go we wanted to be able to provide vegetables – something along the line of a CSA -box. How could we transport that – the food truck itself would have limited space. Remembering having seen a VW buss with matching trailer I said:

— What if we had a trailer behind the food truck? Like a two part deal, get your lunch and vegetables for your dinner.

We both daydreamed a bit about the prospect of having a matching little trailer behind the food truck. I continued;

— But we need to call it something else, it can’t be grub and grub.

— How about shrubbery? said Brock

We giggled. Monty Phyton and the Holy Grail is one of our favourite movies.

— Ni!

–Bring me a shrubbery! One that looks nice. And not too expensive.

— Grub & Shrubbery doesn’t really have a ring to it.

I felt a bit down. Shrubbery – a planting of shrubs was quite perfect to describe the way we wanted to grow our vegetables. Which was in a food forest where you build layers and create a ecosystem that works together. And it tied in to my life long passion for plants and foraging.

It wasn’t until we two years later had found micro greens, grown them and wanted to make it in to a business we realized (when we needed a name ) that Grub & Shrub sounds pretty great. And that Grub & Shrub Farm even awesomer.