The Farm

When the dream to farm & live off the land collide with the minor detail of not having land, the creative solution is outside the box. Or, in our case – inside the tray. Our fresh, nutrient dense greens are grown on square centimeters and the always perfect weather of the indoors provides an abundance of perks. Our plants are free of creepy crawlies, allows us to keep a constant quality and a year round production.

A mobile farm

Renting land helped us get out of the city but it put restrictions on what we could do on the land. Growing micro greens in trays provided us with a way to farm and grow food that was mobile enough that we could bring it with us when we were ready to move on to our land one day.

Micro greens – as they are called – are small in size but packs a punch when it comes to nutrients. So, buy them because they are good for you – but eat them because they are delicious!!

Not only do they taste great, they make everything look stunning!

These small plants allowed us to take a big step. What started out as a great way to provide our daughter with delicious, nutrient dense food evolved into a way for us to express our passion and serve our community. And in turn led us realizing our lifetime dream. Buying our farm.

Mid April of this year, 2019, we took possession of 31 beautiful acres 10 minutes east of Camrose.

Seeds saved from previous year
Each year we save seeds for the next but it will be quite something to plant these seeds in soil on our land next year.

The outdoor season is almost over as August is coming to an end and we have just been able to move on to our land. There is a lot to be done before the snow, but we’re hurrying at a slow pace – enjoying the moments – because we’re living our dream.