Spare ribs, sourdough pasta & Micro radish pesto

This dish is for those days when you just want to eat something really tasty or when you want to impress friends you haven’t seen in ages and you really want it to look like you got it all together ūüėČ

Step 1. Buy spare ribs from Lazuli farm

Step 3. Buy sourdough pasta from The french raw chef

Nice catch, we didn’t skip 2, we’re just letting it breath for a bit.

Step 2. Pour yourself a nice glass of wine

For the Lazuli Spare Ribs- the secret ingredient is two parts. One, Smoked Olive Wood oil from Vinesation. It prevents you needing to use liquid smoke if you’re not so lucky to have a smoke house in your back yard. Pour a bit on, make sure it’s covered, but not saturated. Second, brown sugar. We use all sorts of things on our ribs, but it’s a safe bet to use the following – making a crust, or a coating over the entire ribs: Salt, Brown Sugar, Pepper, Garlic, Paprika, Mustard and a bit of Cayenne pepper. There’s all sorts of things you can add after that, but these things are pretty special, so use them first. Turn the oven to 305 degrees, let it cook for about 2 hours. You know it’s done when you can grab them with tongs, press down on them and they don’t just spring back at you. Like with all fine meat, let it sit a few minutes before cutting, or serving. To make it look real pretty, turn two bottom up, then place the rest perpendicular atop.

Get a rolling boil on your water, and pour in The French Raw Chefs Pasta. We cook it for a minute longer than recommended, for a total of six minutes. Of course, this is different depending on where you live. Once the pasta is el Dente (ready, just right) drain the water and add about 60 ml of Grub & Shrub Pesto per serving of pasta. Stir while it’s hot, to let the cheese in the pesto become melted beautifulness.

Pile Microgreens on top to make it look super nice and add even more deliciousness. Take a photo and then tag us #GrubAndShrubFarm

Enjoy with family and or friends and take all of the credit for it. Nice work!

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Salmon and sourdough pasta with micro pesto

When you don’t have a lot of time but you still want something delicious: this is the dish for you!

If you have access to fresh salmon we’re jealous – here on the Alberta prairies there are not a lot of them so we have to make do with frozen ones. If you have 12 hours, thaw the salmon in the fridge. Leave the fish in its bag or plastic wrapping and place it on a shallow plate or in a bowl to catch any liquid. (No one likes a fishy fridge.)

If you have an¬†hour, defrost salmon in water.¬†¬†Fill a large pot with cold water and place the fish in a leak-proof¬†bag and submerge it in the pot, weighing it down if needed. Empty the bowl and¬†refill it with¬†fresh, cold water every ten minutes. Check the fish periodically by pushing the middle of each fillet‚ÄĒyou want the middle to feel slightly¬†soft and the fish¬†to be¬†flexible¬†(this can take anywhere from¬†30 to 60¬†minutes).¬†

Put your pot on to get the water to a rolling boil.

While waiting, lay out your salmon and sprinkle goodness all over it. Like some garlic, salt, white pepper, rosemary of course.

Warm your grill, or pan for the fish to medium. Pour some Vinesation olive oil in the pan, enough so that the fish won’t stick. Place the fish down on the pan, for about 90 seconds, or until you see the colour lighten about 35% up the fillet.

While this is happening, put your serving(s) of pasta in the boiling water. We use sourdough pasta that The French Raw Chef makes available. The package said five minutes, but we like it at six.

Turn the Fish. Squeeze a tad bit of lemon on top, chuck the lemon in the pan and let it think about what it’s done.

Take a punch, not a pinch, but a punch of your Microgreen Salad Mix, and select your favorite Oil and/or Vinegar to compliment. Toss it together in a bowl real quick.

Remove your Pesto from the refrigerator.

Cook the salmon just until that colour change starts to reach the other side, kill the heat, remove the fish and set aside.

Drain the water once your pasta is just right, and add your pesto while the pan is still hot. 2/3 of our standard jar (125mL) is a great amount for two full servings of the pasta.

Sip your Mlama from NRG coffee

Put your Fish, Pasta with Pesto and Micro-salad down on the plate, with that lemon cut in half again for squeezing on everything. Maybe sprinkle some cheese on top, that’s always nice too.


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Market vendor of the Week

When we officially started up the farm just before Christmas we didn’t quite know what to expect. We knew we had a delicious product that we liked – but would others too?

Camrose truly welcomed us with open arms – it’s heartwarming how helpful and supportive businesses and the amazing community have been. And once the snow was gone and the Downtown market started up we were there! From the very first day and every day since. It’s hard not to fall in love with the atmosphere and the community – all the people involved in making it happen – from Downtown Camrose to the ones organizing the Downtown market, to the vendors and of course all the lovely customers .

Elin & Brock of Grub & Shrub Farm at the downtown Camrose farmers market
Brock always say he wishes everyday was market day

Even though the weather haven’t been that great (no snow yet though!) people show up and support local . Each week you bring such great conversation, recipes and life stories. We love that so many of our customers return their jar each week – they do get a $1 off but it’s the thing of it all, that we’re making a difference and limiting the number of new jars that being purchased that is important. Together we’re stronger.

Market days are intense but once everything is unpacked and the baby is asleep we melt down into the couch with big grins on our faces talking about the highlights of the day.

Brock & Elin L Friesen

So, this week when we’re partners with Vinesation to be the business and market vendor of the week – we’re extra excited for Thursday. Bridget at Vinesation have been such a great supporter, inspiration and friend from the very start. We love how the micro greens and olive oils compliment each other and just makes everything paired with them delicious! And Vinesation is our official pick up location for micro green subscriptions.

For those of you who stop by at the market we’ll have a one time salad mix featuring a vinaigrette from Vinesation. We’re bringing Zeniths zingy pepper pesto and we will have saskatoons available as well!! We hope to see you there tomorrow ūüôā

/Elin & Brock

Micro greens

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