Swedish Potato Pancakes in 5 easy steps

You know when the rays of sunshine can’t quite reach and warm you, when the wind carries that first bite of coldness and the leaves starts to turn, that fall has arrived. In Sweden there’s a couple of dishes that becomes more popular as wool socks and knitted sweaters replaces shorts and bikinis.

The potato pancake with bacon and lingonberries is one of my go to dishes when the weather starts getting colder. The crispy fried potatoes with the greasy yummyness of the bacon and the tartness of the lingonberries creates a perfect combination of flavours, it warms you and it satisfy both your mind and your tummy.

Serves one person 2-4 potato pancakes depending on how big you make them

  1. You will need 2 medium sized potatoes. Peel and grate.
  2. There is only one way to make it taste even better. Add cheese! Grate and mix the grated cheese and potatoes together. Add a bit of salt
  3. Put a generous amount of butter in the frying pan. When it turns golden scoop the cheese/potato mix up in your hand so it cover your palm, smack it down in the frying pan and flatten with a spatula.

Slice the bacon in to strips and fry. You can fry them without cutting them in to smaller pieces to, it’s totally up to you. (We got our bacon from Lazuli farm )

4. The hardest part of the whole recipe. Wait…

When they start to smell amazing and getting golden – take your spatula and carefully slip it under the potato pancake, flip it over and get back to waiting…

5. When the other side of the potato pancake is a golden crispy brown they are done and you can transfer them from the pan to your plate. Add the bacon and a generous amount of lingonberry jam. I also added some micro collards that just made it really come together.


p.s There are some stores that carries Lingonberry jam, Ikea is one of them. Let me know if you find it anywhere else, Im always on the hunt for great lingonberry jam!

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