Plastic is not so fantastic

We’ve all seen the pictures of animals injured or killed by plastic in nature, the ginormous island of plastic floating in the ocean and we just have to look around us to see tumbleweed of garbage rolling around or stuck in bushes and grass. Its everywhere. But what most of us don’t “see” is the plastic in our homes – and how they affect us.

Recent studies are showing that most things in our home – from building material to furniture – is leaking plastic and chemicals that is affecting us at very low concentrations and creating permanent change. Exposure to some of the plastic can in utero be linked to spontanious abortion, childhood obesity, neurodevelopment, behaivour problem – the lists goes on. And its at levels extremely lower than the recommended level deemed safe.

I was not aware of just how bad it really is until I stumbled over this podcast – The genius life and the episode “How plastic is wrecking your health”

Have a listen, dr Carol Kwiatkowski, PhD is the Executive Director of The Endocrine Disruption Exchange (TEDX), a science-based non-profit whose mission is to reduce the production and use of chemicals that interfere with healthy hormone function.

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