Jaywalker’s Jamboree & new vendors

Brock & Edith Friesen smiling at Fionas Coffee
Brock and Edith at Fiona’s Coffee

This was my (and Ediths) first taste of Jaywalker Jamboree. We were relieved the smoke from the wildfires had let up so that we could walk around and see all the vendors, food and local businesses.

We are so thrilled to be a part of Camrose, we love how everyone are supporting each other and the strong sense of community. We initially moved here from Edmonton to be close to Brocks family but it was the warm welcome we received from everyone that made us feel so at home. Hopefully we will get the house on to our land very soon so we can move from the house we are renting and start making all our plans into reality!

  • Grub & Shrub Farm at Fiona's Coffee
  • Grub & Shrub Farm at Nutters

This week have been exciting for us, we started the week by stocking the fridge at Nutters – from now on you can always find our fresh single variety micro greens there.

And to kick off the Jaywalkers Jamboree weekend we are now featured at Fiona’s Coffee. If you haven’t already, have a slice of the quiche and a side salad, it’s so very tasty. And the pulled pork!

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