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Read more about microgreens – what they are and their nutritional value here!

Our goal is to bring Happiness to people through Nutrient Dense Food, we grow in a way that’s Good for the People eating it & Their Environment

Grub & Shrub Farm is a small farm located minutes from Camrose. It all started in 2018 when the dream to farm & live off the land collided with the minor detail of not having land. We found a creative solution outside the box. Or, in our case – inside the tray. Our fresh, nutrient-dense greens are grown on square centimetres. And the always perfect weather of the indoors provides an abundance of perks. Our plants are free of creepy crawlies, allows us to keep a constant quality and a year-round production. In 2019 we purchased our perfect plot of land and are producing delicious, nutritious microgreens for local chefs, restaurants and establishments. Next season we will add seasonal produce, herbs & edible flowers.

No chemicals – just food.

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